Our 24 hours production line with a group of skilled and experienced technicians, production workers and management staff..
Knitted Fabric
Computerised Jacquard Collar
Printing Machine
Raw Materials : From normal tetoran cotton to high quality West African, Australian fully combed cotton PIMA cotton and COOLPLUS® micro-fiber.
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The latest computerized full jacquard flat knit machines are capable of producing high quality collar & cuff.
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Hawk 14 LP Automatic Screen Printing Machine.       more >
Embroidery Machine
Quality control and storage
Production capacity/month : 40,000 pieces of high quality round neck, polo shirts, golfing apparels, children and baby wears.       more >
Our latest embroidery machines from TAJIMA, Japan are capable of producing high quality embroidery logos.       more >
100% quality assurance is our main objective to serve our customers and to ensure customer's satisfaction.
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